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On my bedroom makeover post, I had showed a fun DIY project I made for a hanging bedside table, and I thought I’d show you how I made it. I was searching for the perfect sized desk, table, or dresser to put beside the bed, then it occurred to me that I could make one pretty easily and for almost no $. hanging table 4

What you’ll need to create a hanging table:

  • rope
  • wood
  • 4 S-hooks

I had hubs cut a piece of old wood to the correct size, then he stained it. He drilled round holes in the corners of the wood for the rope to fit through.

Then I screwed the S-hooks into the ceiling. Because of the sloped ceiling, it was tricky to screw them in at the right places. Thankfully my friend Wanda helped me with this part of the process. We kept saying “If our husbands would see how we are doing this, they would be horrified.” Needless to day, we are not girls who care much about details and doing things the right way like our husbands do. At least when it comes to installing a side table.

The rope I used was from another project that I just happened to have on hand, but it was a very light yellowish color. So I stained the rope with a walnut color Minwax stain. I had no idea if staining the rope would work to darken it, but I thought I might as well give it a try. And it looks great!

We figured out how to make a good knot with the ropes and hung the rope onto the S-hooks.

And that’s basically it!

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February 08, 2016 — Aimee Weaver