We just spent two days seeing many of the sights around Bejing and it’s been spectacular! Our adoption agency recommends spending a few days at the beginning of our trip getting acclimated to the time change and spending time learning more about the country and culture before we meet our little guy. While it’s hard waiting to meet him, it’s been really worthwhile taking the time to get adjusted. We have a wonderful guide named Tom who has shown us and the others from our group the sights.

First up, the Great Wall. I mean. You just can’t top that.china3 china4

Avery was so adventurous and wanted to keep climbing and climbing! Meanwhile, her old parents got pretty worn out! All those steep steps are no joke.china5 china6 china7 china9 china10 china11We found out that Avery apparently is a rock star in China. SO MANY PEOPLE asked to take pictures with her. It was pretty funny, and she took it really well.
china12 china13 Her aunt Andrea gave her a sketch book to take along on the trip, and she has been drawing everything that she’s seen. china14 On day two we visited Tiananmen Square, which is enormous and was full of people.China20china2 china8Lots of people asked to get pictures with Avery here. The Chinese people we’ve been with have been really friendly and welcoming.
china21Someone even wanted a picture with hubs! Ha!china22 We saw the site of the 2008 Bejing summer Olympics. Like everything in China, it was a massive and spectacular setting.china16 china15 China17 We’ve eaten some really good food in China! Avery has mastered the chopsticks and I’m so proud of how adventurous she has been. The only thing she is afraid to eat is chicken feet. Her mom tends to agree with her on this.

china18Today we take a train to the Henan Province, then TOMORROW we meet our little boy! So many adventures await us!!

March 28, 2015 — Aimee Weaver