This blog post idea is borrowed from Emily. It’s just randoms about what is going on currently in my life.

LOVING // Podcasts. I learn SO MUCH from other people. And I’m fascinated by people and how they live their lives. Here is a list of my favorites. Oh, and I’m loving Ikea chocolate right now too.

READING // I’m in a reading slump right now, so I don’t have much going on in that area. The most recent books I’ve read are The Nester’s book and her sister Emily Freeman’s book A Million Little Ways. Both are books that I highly recommend and I’ll keep coming back to for inspiration. Some books on my list to read are Unbroken and Interrupted. Current magazines I’m into right now are Where Women Create, Life Beautiful, and of course Country Living.

WAITING FOR // My littlest baby who is across the world right now. We are waiting to get matched with our little boy in China and cannot WAIT to see who God has chosen for us. It’s been a long process so far (we are two years into it), but it will be worth the wait!

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EXCITED ABOUT // what the next several years will hold for our family and business. There are so many unknowns and questions, but it’s exciting to hope and dream!

TRYING TO // soak in my mornings with Violet. Now that Jack goes to morning Kindergarten and Avery is in third grade, it’s just Violet and me for half the day. She cracks me up like no other and her little personality comes alive when she’s the only kid in the house. She is very independent, so she plays pretty well by herself for the most part. She is so much fun to spend time with.

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WORKING ON // What am I not working on? There is always a long list. I just got finished re-painting Avery’s bedroom floor and scrubbing the floors in the other bedrooms. They all have painted hardwood and, although I love the look of light-colored wood floors, they are IMPOSSIBLE to keep clean and drive me nuts. So I’m enjoying looking at CLEAN floors right now, even if it’ll only last half a day.

ENJOYING // The routine that comes with fall and the start of school. I’m a routine girl and thrive on it.

USING // Pandora. All of the time. When I am cooking, I HAVE to listen to my French cafe station. When I’m working, I’m listening to Civil Wars, Pitch Slapped, King’s Kaleidoscope or Passacaglia stations, among many others.

WEARING // This jewelry by my friend Wanda. Cannot get enough.

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PLANNING // An October getaway for hubs and me to Charleston, SC to celebrate our 15th anniversary. We rarely take vacations just the two of us, so it’ll be a much-needed break.

LEARNING // It takes difficult situations for me to grow and learn. Every hard thing teaches me something, and I need to embrace the things in life that are challenging.

DOING // Trying to get through my email inbox. It’s a daily battle to get caught up.

DREAMING OF // Traveling to France. I’m not kidding when I say I think about it almost every single day. We visited France ten years ago, and I feel like I left a piece of my heart there. Someday…

September 10, 2014 — Aimee Weaver