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I picked up a few basic gray tee shirts on sale a few weeks ago and decided to paint some graphics on the front of them. It was really easy and a fun way to personalize a basic tee.

What you’ll need:

-Basic tee shirt, pre-washed

-Fabric paint (I used Tulip Soft fabric paint in ebony found at Hobby Lobby)

-Graphics printed on paper in the size that you want to have on the shirt

Transfer paper

-Small round paint brush (I used a #2 round brush)

Here are the graphics I used…

Anchor print (I didn’t paint the rope part of it to save time):
shirt anchor imageBonjour text:shirt image bonjourPut a piece of cardboard inside the shirt, then trace the image onto the shirt using the transfer paper. Depending of the shirt it may be hard to see the transfer lines. The lines show up better on lighter colored fabric.

Then use the brush to paint the shirt with the fabric paint. Let the paint dry for a day or two before wearing.shirtbefore shirt1
shirt3 shirt7 shirt9 shirt8The “Bonjour” text was definitely faster and easier than the anchor design. You can make the image/text as basic as you feel comfortable with. Have fun with it!


August 26, 2014 — Aimee Weaver