iPhone pics

August 22, 2014

My iPhone pictures usually tell the story of what we’ve been up to recently, so here are some snapshots of our life from the past few weeks…PicMonkey Collage        playing with sidewalk chalk on a warm summer night  /  jack and avery pretending to run away (they look pretty happy about it)

PicMonkey Collage2trying on their fancy wedding clothes  /  then getting crazy and chasing each other around the housePicMonkey Collage3i had to change the skirt on violet’s flower girl dress because the one I ordered came in the wrong color and i love how it turned out  /  drippy ice cream cones from the cafe down the streetPicMonkey Collage4

high school friends at our annual pool party  /  my sister’s bachelorette party (karaoke anyone?)
PicMonkey Collage5hydrangeas i cut from a bush in the back yard for the wedding…they were gorgeous  /  my girlies at the weddingPicMonkey Collage6my j-man playing “crochet” at the wedding (more like whacking everything in sight with the mallet  /  getting an airplane ride from his favorite pilot (again with the hat)PicMonkey Collage7it’s a lego party  /  avery learning to trot at her riding lessonPicMonkey Collage8i couldn’t find an anchor shirt i liked, so i painted one (tutorial coming soon)  /  watercolor map of china (i’m obsessed with watercoloring these days)PicMonkey Collage9my baking helper (she really does help, surprisingly)  /  pull up a chair and check out the construction across the street

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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