My sister’s wedding was on Friday, and I can’t even tell you how perfect it was. The day was relaxed and laid-back, the weather was perfection, the bride was gorgeous. It was one of the most meaningful and special days I’ve experienced.

I was so proud of my sister. I’ve watched her grow up (I’m seven years older), taken care of her, and my heart was bursting with joy for her. Her new husband was the guy that I’ve been praying for her to marry for years, way before they started dating, which was exactly one year ago. 
wedding1 The ceremony and reception took place outdoors at the groom’s parents’ farm. These are some photos that my sister-in-law and I snapped throughout the day.wedding2 wedding9 wedding13 wedding15 wedding16wedding19 wedding20 wedding23 wedding27 wedding28 wedding29 Violet was the flower girl, and I have to say, I had no idea what kind of flower girl she would be. She is unpredictable and likes to do her own thing. She surprised me by walking down the aisle with the ring bearer and dropped her flower petals just like we practiced. But she got half-way down the aisle and noticed everyone looking at her. She turned to hubs and declared, “I’M TIRED!” and promptly sat down.

Here she is after the ceremony trying to pick up all the petals and put them back in her basket.wedding31 There were lawn games set up by the reception tent, which the kids loved. And the grown-ups as well.wedding32 wedding34My sisters-in-law filled a canoe with ice and drinks. It was so fun! And there was an ice cream truck for dessert. How cool is that??
wedding36 wedding38 wedding39 Sara wore the earrings that my husband gave me for my wedding, which was so special (something borrowed!). And my friend Clarita made the flower pin for her hair.wedding40 We attempted a family picture, but the kids weren’t exactly in the mood.wedding42 wedding43wedding44 My sisters-in-law Andrea and Heather, my sister Sara, and me. We discovered that all of us (except Sara) bought our dresses at Goodwill. Yes, I bought my bridesmaid dress at Goodwill. Would you expect anything else from me? I was a little bit embarrassed to admit that, but oh well. It was brand new, and I added the fabric flowers to the front of it to add some detail and make it more “me”.wedding46My dad’s old car looked amazing at the wedding.
wedding48 Some iPhone pictures…wedding1 Collage wedding2 Collage wedding3 CollageIt was such a memorable day, and I was honored to be a part of it! Yay for summer and weddings and love!

August 11, 2014 — Aimee Weaver