New Work Table {in the studio}

July 25, 2014

Nothing makes me happier than creating something out of other people’s junk. There is just something about re-using and re-purposing that makes my heart sing. So when it came time to make a table for me to use in the studio, we used an old table that a friend had found along the side of the road for free and gave to me (I have the best friends who know me well).

The table top was too small but the legs were a great size. So we ended up using just the legs and hubs created a top for it out of inexpensive MDF. He built-up the edges to make it look like a thick piece of wood. He also found old metal castors at a barn sale that he attached to the legs. This helped to make the table higher (saves my back from bending over) and also makes the table easy to move.table1 I painted the top of the table in a gray color, but it immediately got scratched up and splattered with paint, which I don’t mind at all. It’s meant to be used and not just look pretty. I didn’t even bother painting the legs. I kind of like the naturally distressed look.table2 table5 Table Collage table8Slowly but surely the studio is becoming more and more functional, and I still LOVE spending time in there. This table has been a work horse and so worth taking a Saturday morning to make.


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