Every year around the end of November when the Christmas orders are flooding in and I’m realizing that December is going to be a really busy month, I threaten to myself that I won’t decorate my house for Christmas. This year was no exception. I was overwhelmed and vowed that I wasn’t going to get the Christmas boxes out of the attic.

But you know me. Not decorate my house for Christmas? That’s like Kim Kardashian not posing for a camera. Or my mom not making her amazing stuffing for Thanksgiving. Or Jack turning down a piece of gum. It’s just not going to happen. So, about a week into December inspiration struck, and I went to work.

My decorations are always super simple. I like to bring nature inside and just do really basic wintery greens, add a few berries and pinecones, and some candles and lights and I’m all set.












Hope you enjoyed the little tour! And I’m sorry about my lack of blogging lately. I miss you guys. Life has been busy, but I’ll catch you up soon. For now, you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram. And want to see what I’ve been pinning? Follow me on Pinterest.

Until next time!

December 18, 2013 — Aimee Weaver