Grateful {and a winner}

November 27, 2013

PicMonkey Collage


Oh, how I love Thanksgiving. Spending quality time with my very favorite people on earth (who happen to be my family). And eating the best comfort food ever.

I really believe that having a grateful heart is the answer to SO MANY issues that we have. Despite what we might be going through, we are BLESSED.

What I’m thankful for today…

:: my husband and three kiddos + a little Chinese boy who will be OURS someday. they are my life.

:: a warm, cozy house when it’s wet and cold outside.

:: friends who encourage, give advice, make me laugh, and put up with me no matter what.

:: we had some progress with the adoption this week. we were stalled for months because of some health insurance problems, which was so frustrating, but it looks like we can move forward now!

:: the emails and sweet messages I get from my readers. seriously, you guys are the best and I don’t deserve it.

:: that I have the opportunity to be creative every single day. this makes my heart so incredibly happy.

:: for a God who is BIG and counts me as His daughter. it doesn’t get better than that.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And we have a winner for the Kohl’s gift card! It is Jessica from North Carolina. Congrats! And thank you everyone who entered!

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