Goodbye glorious weekend with my mom, sister, and sisters-in-law filled with so many good things. Half a day at this spa and shopping at this amazing store called Terrain in Glen Mills. Here are some pictures at the store. I couldn’t help myself. It was all just so beautiful.

Hello little garden cafe inside the store. I kept staring. It was so pretty and unique.

Hello shopping with my family at Ikea. This is what happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. We find good stuff in the as-is section and HAVE to bring it home. Leaving no room for us to sit. I literally squeezed between the seats on the floor the whole way home. My leg felt like it was going to fall off, but, of course, it was worth it.

Hello beautiful sister-in-law and my mom.

Hello finding a unique little coffee shop in Wayne where we had a yummy lunch, then shopped at Anthropologie.


Hello new signs in the shop!


You can find the signs in my shop.
Hello COLD Monday morning. 
Hello getting back into the swing of things. 
Hello dirty house that needs my attention this week.
Hello many new ideas swirling around my head.
Hello brand new week! Hope it’s a good one!

March 18, 2013 — Aimee Weaver