Hello Monday

October 01, 2012

Hello Monday!
Hello brand spankin’ new week!
Hello amazing stuff that husband found for me on Saturday. Just amazing. (if you consider old wood amazing. I’m probably the only one.)

Hello work table that I want to HUG. Hubs found it along the road for free. I swear he has eagle eyes that can spot free things. Stuff that only a DIYer finds useful and beautiful.
But for real, isn’t it so cool?? It has a THICK butcher block wood top and a metal base made from pipes. And it is so heavy that I literally couldn’t even lift one side off the ground. The baby is solid. I’m racking my brain trying to figure out where to put it (after it gets cleaned up, of course). Maybe the studio…

Hello painting my kitchen today. With little ones running around me all the while. And, as you can see, their feet mysteriously landed on the kitchen WALL. Seriously, I found this after I finished the first coat. And I have not idea how it happened, but I found a certain little girl with paint all over her feet. Please tell me I’m not a bad mother for exposing my children to paint 24/7.

Oh, and by the way, I’ll share pics of the finished kitchen soon. The walls had been dark red and I was SICK OF IT. The color just didn’t feel like me, so it is gone and I’m in LOVE with my kitchen once again. 
I’m saying Hello with Lisa Leonard today.

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