I’ve gotta be honest. This stage of life has been hard for me.
It’s physically draining, needing to take care of three little ones. As I type that, I feel really silly because I know that there are lots of women who have many more kids than I do and can handle it just fine. If I feel overwhelmed with my “mommy” job, then I usually also feel guilty for feeling stressed.

 But I do get tired.
Of diapers.
Of getting breakfast ready.
Of cleaning up messes.
Of breaking up fights.
Of giving baths.

I am also very much aware that this stage of life will go by so quickly (even though it doesn’t feel that way now). And I want to remember these days.
The funny things that kids say.
The good morning hugs from little arms.
The happy giggles and little pretend games they make up.
Soft, smooth cheeks that I want to kiss all day long.

The way Violet shouts “MA MO!!!” when she wants more food.
Watching the kids wrestle with their daddy.
Seeing how Avery takes care of Violet – helps her with her food, gets her out of bed, puts her shoes on.
The every-day normal days where we play outside, read books, and go for walks in the wagon.

All of the hard and tiring things that come along with being a mom have made me very aware of how weak I am in my own strength and how much I need God to help me do this thing called Motherhood.
I just can’t do it well on my own. No way.
I don’t want to miss the sweet everyday little things about these days. Even though they can be tiring and challenging and long, I am so very thankful for this life that’s been given to me.

Have a fun, sunny weekend friends!

June 15, 2012 — Aimee Weaver