I’ve gotten to know Brittany just in the past few months. She is artsy and creative and has helped me with my sign business a bit. She is one of the most easy-going and sincere girls I’ve met. Really, she is just a sweetheart. Unfortunately, she will be moving out-of-state soon and won’t be able to be my helper anymore (so sad!), but hopefully we will still be able to collaborate on some projects together for my Etsy shop. She is embarking on a brand new phase of life now as a newly-wed, and I am so excited for her future!!

Here are some photos of her wedding from a few weeks ago. These pictures were taken by the talented Shar Halverson of Simply S Photography. I coordinated the wedding for Brittany, and it was so much fun working with their families and putting together all the details that she created.

The wedding was so pretty! It was relaxed but elegant and beautiful, too. Just like the bride.

The colors were just perfection.

Such a fun group of sisters and girlfriends!

This is one of the signs that Brittany painted for the wedding. I loved it!
And one of the reception centerpieces that she came up with. Isn’t it fun? We put green apples and stock flowers into square glass vases, filled them with water, and stuck in curly willow branches.

The seating chart was made out of an old window that was turned into a chalkboard.

And another sign made by Brittany.
Best wishes Cameron & Brittany!!

April 19, 2012 — Aimee Weaver