My Etsy shop was really busy over the month of December, and it was so much fun creating these signs! I thought I’d show you a few today. Most of these were custom orders that I made out of barn doors, old wood, old cabinet doors…pretty much anything I can find that I think looks interesting.

My most requested sign by far is the Zephaniah sign made out of old barn doors. I’m not currently taking new orders for this sign because it’s been difficult keeping enough doors on hand. But I’m occasionally listing them in my shop when I get them made.

I loved working with these old barn doors. They are each so unique and the old rustic hinges add a lot of character.

Here is another sign I made out of a piece of fence I found in a barn. It’s currently for sale in my shop. I love this quote by Robert Frost and finally found a way to use it! (If you are local, this sign is hanging at New Holland Coffee Co. and can be bought there.)

I made this sign for my brother & sister-in-law for Christmas. It’s made from the lid to a grain storage bin for a barn (I think).

This old door (below) just makes me want to swoon! The wood was chunky and old and just plain perfect.

So there’s a little recap of what I’ve been up to! I love that I get to use my creativity in my “job” ~ it’s so fulfilling for me.

Have a great weekend!

January 06, 2012 — Aimee Weaver