I don’t remember when I’ve felt so tired. This whole “mothering-small-children” thing, coupled with all the “extras” that I tend to throw in, has gotten me worn out.

The good thing is – I know that you can relate and I’m not alone. And it’s just a season of life. A season that I want to cherish, even when it’s hard and when I haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep in a while.

The other day while I was folding and putting away laundry, Avery and Jack decided to start my Christmas decorating for me. (no, I have not started decorating yet, can you believe it?? I feel more tired just thinking about it!!)

They went outside and picked up some greens to add to the bunch of twiggy-things I have in a vase by the fireplace.

Then Avery hung some of Jack’s dirty socks from the mantle. And they put books around the bottom of the “tree” and pretended they were presents.

I have to admit, I was a little bit proud of their decorating skills. It made my day.

This morning Avery asked me why I was so tired, and I told her that taking care of her and Jack and Violet is a lot of work and sometimes mommy gets tired.

She gave me a very sympathetic “Aw, that’s ok mommy.”.

Then two seconds later, “Can you get me a drink of water? And make sure it has ice in it.”.

Kids…..you can always count on them to be understanding and helpful. Now, I’m off to take a nap!

December 04, 2011 — Aimee Weaver