I’ve been a bit absent from the blog lately mostly because I’m constantly trying to catch up…on everything. Work, kids, projects. Summer is winding down and I want to enjoy every minute!
Hurricane Irene swept through last weekend and took one of our big trees down in the backyard. Thankfully it was a tree that hubs was going to be chopping down anyway, so thank you Irene for doing the work for us! Although the day-long power outage was a bit annoying, I’m so thankful it didn’t cause more damage.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Aaaaaand, it’s a new chapter in this mama’s life! My oldest officially started Kindergarten this morning. She was nervous, excited, scared, jittery, shy, but she got on the bus and waved as she went!

Jack had every intention of going to school with her and wept with disappoinment when she left without him!! Poor guy! Do you like his pink backpack?

My littles and I waiting for the bus…

It’s here!! Goodness, I think I shall have a heart attack.

And off she went to the land of new friends, and teachers, and books, and learning, and all kinds of fun things. And now I need to let go. Something that is pretty hard for this mama to do. But I know that Avery has a very sweet teacher who loves Jesus and children and she is in good hands.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Yes, my children drink coffee.
Well, not on a regular basis, but the husband thinks it’s his duty to make sure his children turn out to be coffee drinkers (unlike their mama). And they love it.

Excuse Shirtless Jack. He is typically shirtless and shoeless. And sometimes pantless. Such a boy.
Apparently someone cracked a joke.

And now I’m off to play outside with Jack while we wait for Avery to finish her first morning of school (she goes every day for a half-day in the mornings).
Have a great day friends!

August 30, 2011 — Aimee Weaver