July 15, 2011

{ A daddy who multi-tasks }
Things I am stoked about: (Why am I using surfer language?? I don’t know.)
:: The Goodwill desk that I’m refinishing for Avery’s room. So. Stinking. Cute.
:: Wall art that I was just inspired to make for Avery’s room. Easy and fresh. Can’t wait to show you.

Dumb things that I do:

:: I just changed Jack into a new pair of shorts and accidentally put both his legs into one leg hole. He tried to walk away but was stuck. I laughed hysterically when I saw what I did. He did not crack a smile. Poor little boy has a mama who is an air head.


:: Why can’t I call my kids by their real names? I am the one who helped name them, for heaven’s sake. Avery is “Ave”, “Avery-Bavery”, “Bellsey-Wellsey”, anything BUT Avery. Jack is “Jackson” (his full name really is Jack), “Jackster-Mackster”, “Jackson Pollock”. Violet is “Miss V”, “Vie”, “Chubber-Mubber” and the list goes on and on and on.


:: Pinterest. Enough said. You should totally join.

What freaks me out:

:: The thought that August is just around the corner. Which means that my firstborn will be starting school. This simultaneously terrifies and excites me. She is totally ready and cannot wait, but me on the other hand….I need a support group to help me get through this!!

What I love:

:: How everytime the garbage truck comes, Jack looks out the window and says, “There goes the trash can!” instead of trash man. That boy just melts me.

Why I heart Thursday nights:

:: It is Kauffman Family Night. Which means that my brother Matt, his wife Andrea, and their three kids and my brother Kyle, his wife Heather and their little girl Nya, my sister Sara, and our family head to my parents’ house for supper. The cousins play (and let’s be honest, fight occasionally) and the grown-ups sit and talk and catch up. And occasionally fight, too. (HA!) It means that I don’t have to cook supper (score!) but what I really love is how close our family is and how we genuinely enjoy spending time together.

What I find to be delish:

:: Corn on the cob. Is it really corn on the cob season?? I can hardly stand it. Add some butter and salt and I have no self control.

:: This broccoli salad recipe, thanks to Andrea. I am addicted. It’s the perfect summertime salad.

Have a superb weekend friends!

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