When we decided to renovate a storage room in our house that looked like this:

and turn it into a nursery that now looks like this:

we discovered that the room was directly above our laundry room. Hubs came up with the fantastic idea to install a laundry chute so that I don’t need to drag the dirty wash from the upstairs to the laundry room which is downstairs and at the back of the house.

So he built a cabinet from scratch and installed it in the nursery as a place to throw the laundry down the chute.

It was a tedious process to make a hole through the concrete floor, but the hubster is very capable and can do just about anything, in my opinion!

I made some labels and used glass knobs that I bought at Hobby Lobby. There’s a slot for light colors, dark colors, and cloth diapers, so it’s already sorted when I need to do the laundry. I feel totally spoiled now when it’s laundry day!


And, of course, I had to do some kind of decorative painting on the cabinet! I was inspired by a design from Uppercase Living and painted it on freehand.

The green color I used to paint the cabinet is called Ivy League by Benjamin Moore.

It was finished just before baby Violet was born, which was perfect timing! And I just love it!

Happy Friday!

December 03, 2010 — Aimee Weaver