What is it about having a baby that makes me want to clean and organize the entire house from attic to basement?

I lie awake at night thinking about cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and organizing my laundry room and purging the attic.

So dumb.

As if the baby cares whether the house is in tip-top shape. But I care!

Unfortunately, right now life is too busy to spend much time working on the house, so for now I will continue to think about those dumb little things as I prop myself on pillows and try to get comfortable in my bed at night.

~ ~ ~ ~

On a completely separate note, weddings are in the air for us this weekend! I am coordinating a wedding today for a friend and tomorrow hubs’ nephew is getting married.

Two weddings in one weekend = lots of good food, maybe some tears, and some really great times with family and friends!

Wish us luck! And happy weekend everyone!:)

August 20, 2010 — Aimee Weaver