…an expert poo picker-upper, mom to two littles plus a bouncing one in the belly, and wife to one hard-working guy.

I gotta warn you – my life is not very exciting, so you may be bored to tears! Let’s see what happens!

Tuesday, July 6

7:00am – Wake up and hear Jack babbling in his room. I’ve given up on the idea of getting up early before the kids at this point in my life. I prefer to stay up later in the evening to enjoy the peace and quiet.

I’m covered in thick blankets and have sweatpants on to sleep. Right now the only working A/C in the house is in our bedroom and it’s freezing even though it’s already hot outside. It’s one of the perks of owning an old house full of character but with not many modern-day conveniences like central air.

I go to Jack’s room and he gives me a huge smile. Melts my heart. Avery is already in his room digging through one of his drawers for some inexplicable reason and asks where the diaper rash cream is. Huh??

The reason there isn’t any bedding on the crib is because yesterday during Jack’s nap I made the mistake of just putting a diaper on him and no shorts. During the nap, he must have pooped himself, taken his diaper off, and smeared the poo all over the crib, and he was covered from head to toe. Yeah, I almost lost my lunch when I saw him. But this is real life, and it makes me an expert poo cleaner-upper.

I change his diaper and we all go downstairs for generic Cheerios for breakfast. While the kids finish up breakfast, I get myself ready and gather dirty wash to do the laundry. The kids are listening to an episode of “Adventures in Odyssey” while they eat.

Oh, my word, are you bored already??

8:30am – got the kiddos dressed and was out the door to go to the grocery store and CVS. It’s already 82 degrees.

10:15am – arrive home and put Jack to bed for a nap. Hang out 2 loads of laundry on the washline and am breaking a sweat. It’s almost 90 degrees. Whew! So glad I don’t have to work outside today!

I work on paying some bills and balancing our checking account. Avery watches a Veggie Tales video.

11:45am – Jack wakes up and we eat lunch which consists of PB&J sandwiches, leftover spaghetti from last night’s dinner, and applesauce.

Hung out 2 more loads of laundry. The kids play together with their play kitchen and pretend to feed each other lunch (keeps them occupied for hours!) while I organize my office.

1:15pm NAPTIME! And all the mothers of the world rejoice! Both kiddos go to bed. I grab myself some chocolate and start working on my travel agency job which involves lots of emails and some phone calls.

It’s 5:00pm and the kids are still quiet. Have I mentioned that I have champion nappers?? Seriously, it seems like Jack sleeps most of the day!

I’ve brought in the laundry, folded it and put it away. For dinner I just made a super-easy beef vegetable soup and am baking crescent rolls.

5:15pm Hubs comes home. We fall into each other’s arms and make out.

Hopefully you noticed the sarcasm and aren’t gagging yourself.

We eat dinner and have to send Avery to her room for having a crabby attitude. She comes back a completely different girl after about five minutes of time-out. Funny how that works.

We finish dinner and hubs and I clean up the dishes. How can two little kids make a floor so dirty?

I need to get my “project” fix on for the day, so I rearrange some furniture that I painted yesterday for Jack’s new room, like this bedside table (was originally bright blue). Love how it turned out!

The kiddos love playing in the half-finished room and watching me work.

7:00pm Hubs leaves to go play a softball game (he’s in a league that plays once a week) and it’s 95 degrees outside with high humidity and entirely too hot to take the kids to watch. I collapse on a chair in the nursery. This is the trouble with sitting down. You realize how tired you are and you don’t want to get back up.

I watch the kids play in the nursery – Avery is using my tape measure to measure everything in sight. She measured me and declares that I am 6″ tall and 60″ wide! I better get on a weight-loss program. She pretends to read a book to Jack while he points at all the animals and says, “puppy!!”. This would be his favorite word. Right after “truck!”.

7:30pm I change Jack’s diaper and put him to bed, then I wash a load of his dirty diapers.

Relax time! Avery & I watch some “I Love Lucy” and eat pretzels and cheese. She told me that she can’t eat the cheese because it smells and makes her feelings hurt. Apparently she has no idea what “feelings” are and heard her cousin say that her feelings were hurt the other day.

8:45pm Help Avery brush her teeth and put her to bed. She tells me that her feelings are making her feet hurt and I should rub them. Funny girl. She was totally serious.

I watch a little tv, surf the web a bit, hang the diapers out to dry. Hubs comes home around 9:30 and we head to bed around 11:00.

A very typical day in my little life right now! Good night!

July 07, 2010 — Aimee Weaver