When I heard there was snow coming our way last week, I made a quick trip to Goodwill to see if there were anything pieces of junk, err, I mean furniture, there that I could work on.

As if I need more stuff to do, right?

Well, this kind of stuff makes me happy and puts a smile on my face. Makes me downright giddy to see the transformations that a can of paint can make! So even though it makes me busy, I just love to create and fiddle with things.

I found two side tables and here is the before shot of one of them:

Can’t get much more ugly than that, right? Some furniture is too ugly even for me to get (think 80’s), but I saw potential in this piece.

And here it is after a good scrub and some paint!

Adorable, right? I used white paint, then glazed it with black paint mixed with water. Can’t get much more simple than that.

Oh, and I also painted the hardware black.

I’m also done painting the other side table that I got, but I need to find the right hardware to replace the one it came with. Sometimes hardware is fine with a coat of paint and sometimes it just IS NOT and needs to be replaced!

A post on that one coming soon!

February 10, 2010 — Aimee Weaver