As probably 95% of little girls have done, Avery gave herself a lovely little haircut this week, much to the dismay of her mama.

And when I say haircut, I mean she chopped off about 1/4 of her long curly hair, plus she gave herself a 1/4″ bang smack in the middle of her forehead.


So…it was hairdresser Salena to the rescue.

For your viewing pleasure, here is what it looked like before it was fixed (her bangs!)…

Cutting it ALL OFF (no, I didn’t cry, but if my mom would have been there, she totally would’ve bawled)…

Avery was quite proud of her cut-off pony. We donated it to Locks of Love.

And here she is today. My little 3 year old looks years older!

She’s wearing a headband I made for her out of scrap fabric. I cut the fabric in circles, then hand sewed the circles together with a button, and attached it to a head-band with hot glue. Super easy!
This short haircut will be so much easier to maintain (not nearly as much food in the hair!), but I must say, I will miss those curls!

January 29, 2010 — Aimee Weaver