Well, I’m not an overall snob (at least I hope not!). I’m just a little snobby when it comes to certain areas.

Yesterday I was making pancakes for lunch with Avery (yes, they have lots of nutritional value!), and I realized that I’m a pancake syrup snob.

I must have real maple syrup with the pancakes. None of the fake sugar syrup stuff.

However, I must say that my pancakes were quite below par. They were made with help from the Bisquick box and were flat and tasteless as could be. But no worries, we just pored on the maple syrup nice and thick and we didn’t even taste the pancakes. That’s the point, right?

Moving right along. I’m sure you are just riveted by this conversation. Sorry, it’s nine am on a Saturday morning and my brain is a little fuzzy.

I’m also a toilet paper snob. Oh, yes I am. I cannot stand the cheap, thin gas station toilet paper that feels like sandpaper. Just can’t stand it. I have to have the soft, quilted, multi-ply stuff. Must. You know how I like to save $, but I will not compromise on this.
Are you a snob, too? Please tell me I’m not the only one who has these issues!

Some of you have asked about a tutorial to make these fabric flowers and here‘s a good one to try. They really are very simple and easy!

Happy Weekend Friends!

January 09, 2010 — Aimee Weaver