An Interview with my Favorite Girl

November 02, 2009

What is your name? “Avery” (but if you’d hear her say it in person, it would be more like “Airy”.)

How old are you? “Three” (and holds up 5 fingers – she is yearning to be 5 so that she can go to school!)

What is your favorite color? “Black” (hmm, is her dark side coming out or what?! I even tried to coax her into saying “pink”, but she said, “No! It’s black!”)

What is your favorite animal? “A lion”

What do you like to play outside? “Ride my bike”

What do you want to do when you grow up? “Go to school!”

What do you think you’ll do in school? “Color with my books and play.”

What do you like best about mommy? “You’re my best girl!” (awww!!)

What do you like to play? “Play Cinderella and wear dresses.” (She is a totally girly-girl!)

What is your favorite song? “Jesus loves the little children.”

What do you like to play with Jack? “I like to push him in his swing.”

What do you like best about Jack? “A friend loves at all times.” (She really said that! Ha! She just learned the verse in her Sunday School class, and I guess it just popped into her head.)

Is Jack your friend? “Yep!”

Photos by my super-talented friend Kelly Smoker!

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