I’ve been known to paint words/lettering on almost anything and this fall, pumpkins are no exception!

I bought some really beautiful white pumpkins (don’t you just love white?!) at a roadside stand and decided to give it a try.

Since my handwriting is atrocious, I printed out the lettering on my printer, then traced it onto the pumpkin using tracing/carbon paper. I then used regular paint (you could use acrylic or latex) and a tiny brush to paint the lettering.

You should seal the pumpkin with modge podge or something similar to make sure the paint doesn’t come off. In my usual RUSH to get the project done (I am SO impatient!), I didn’t bother to do this and now some of the lettering is peeling off. So learn from my mistake!

The wording just adds a little something special to the pumpkins and really is so easy!

October 03, 2009 — Aimee Weaver