Real Life

August 16, 2009

Oh, how I need a nap! But real life seems to get in the way of our needs sometimes, doesn’t it? I suppose I can blame these ramblings to lack of sleep…

My real life includes a messy office/play room (but ideas swirling about redecorating it a bit), a bathroom with no toilet paper (yes, we are completely OUT!) and butt cream on the counter from Avery’s many, many “accidents” these past few days. There’s a sweet little old table (from GW, of course, via my mother) in the basement just waiting for me to paint it. I’m thinking a distressed mossy-green color.

I’ve been working on wall art ideas for the past few weeks and I think I finally nailed down the perfect IDEA. A trip to the fabric store and scrapbooking store is needed to see if it’ll look as good “in real life” as it looks in my head.

My uber-stylish friend Becky came over to look through my wardrobe and tell me what to throw out and what looks good together. SO NICE to have someone give a, shall we say, informed and educated opinion. I love my hubs and all but, sorry, I just DO NOT trust his fashion advice!

And now I’m crushing on these Anthro goodies…

Looks like fall, doesn’t it? I always wish summer would last twice as long, but I’m actually looking forward to getting out the jackets and scarves for a change of pace.

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