In the process of demo-ing our storage room, hubs was going to throw out this old window and I just loved it too much to get rid of it.

I was thinking about turning it into wall art, but as I was cleaning it on the porch, I came up with this idea to hang it from the porch ceiling to create a bit more privacy.

I am in love with this climbing rose bush! I just planted it last fall and it’s growing like crazy!

The reason I planted it was to hide the dog-ugly railing that we have. One of these days we’ll replace the railing, but for now it’s one of the many things that are just not in the budget!

Cost for the project = one exasperated hubs (he had some issues hanging it) but zero dollars!:)

Quite typical for our household!

June 04, 2009 — Aimee Weaver