Back to reality!

September 14, 2008 0 Comments

We are back home from our trip to the West Coast and, holy moly, we feel like we’ve been run over by a truck! Why didn’t anyone warn us how hard it is to get back in the swing of things after a vacation?! I do believe we are in the “adjustment” phase right now…

We had such a great time just spending time together as a couple and exploring all kinds of places. Although, I must admit, we really, really missed our little Avery!! It is very good to be home, sweet, home.

So, on to some pictures!

We spent the first few days in San Francisco and Napa Valley…

and of course took lots of pics of the Golden Gate Bridge.

So, San Francisco is supposed to be a city with great restaurants. Well, on our first night in the city we were driving through it aimlessly and saw that we could get some great pics of the sunset behind the bridge.

So we manage to find a parking lot and hubs quite literally drags me to the edge of the water so that we can take some photos before the sun goes down (no small feat, considering my ever-expanding belly and non-toned/out-of-shape body).

When we finished taking the pictures, we realized that we parked in a Safeway parking lot. So, guess what our first dinner in the beautiful city of San Francisco was?

That’s right, Safeway.

Pre-packaged turkey wrap, Peppridge Farm cookies and bottled water.

We are so terribly gourmet.

And the sad part? We had the very same meal the next night. I can’t tell you how proud hubs was that we saved some cash.

This is Lombard Street – the crookest street in the US. We drove through it a couple of times just for kicks.

The city is so unique! Lots of cool Victorian houses and steep, steep streets. Just beautiful!

We explored Napa Valley for a day…
It was a beautiful day and we saw so many vineyards and wineries…

More picture to come!

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