I think paint must be fogging my brain, because these days I just can’t stop seeing improvements I could be making around the house! It must be a sickness.

Anyway, the latest improvements can be seen in little love’s room. All the furniture in the room was either given to us or bought at a yard sale for teeny $. The changing table and crib match, but they are a not-so-attractive color and are a little beat-up.

Here’s what the changing table looked like a few days ago. And you MUST excuse the room where I painted it. You can see why we call it the dungeon. However, having an unfinished basement is the perfect painting studio!

And here’s the after!
The little cabinet on the right side of the changing table holds a trash can and I bought it at a yard sale last year for a few dollars. I also painted it to match the table. Next I have to work on the crib, which is a bigger project.

And here’s a CUTE mirror I found a Pottery Barn Kids outlet (Rockvale Sq.) for $5.99!!! It was painted a yellow-ish cream and I wanted it white, so I spray painted it to match the other furniture. (eeek, I guess I should clean the fingerprints off it!)

I did a little photo session with Avery on Valentine’s Day…

February 18, 2008 — Aimee Weaver