I’m finally posting pictures of our master bedroom that I’ve been working on for a few months…
The reason it’s been taking so long is because I’ve been doing it the “thrifty” way! (you all know what I’m talking about!)

Our bedroom furniture is very traditional and dark, and I couldn’t replace it or paint it since it was a wedding gift from my parents, so I decided to use this canopy over the bed to soften it a bit. I had gotten the canopy as a gift a few years ago and finally was able to use it. The Ikea duvet cover and shams were a Christmas gift.

I painted the wall a light blue/gray called Cumberland Fog by Behr. Sometimes it looks very blue, and sometimes more gray, depending on the light. Blue is most definitely not my favorite color, so I went out on a limb with this, butI really like how it turned out.

The cabinet pulls on the dresser had a shiny brass finish, so I spray painted them using a brushed nickel paint. They actually turned out a lot nicer than I thought they would! And instead of paying $120 for the pulls I really wanted, I ended up just spending about $3 for a can of spray paint! You would never know they were spray painted!

I had this hope chest since my high school graduation but it was never stained or painted. So I decided to just paint it a creamy white, and I made a cushion for the top.

This mirror is made from an old picture frame that I bought at a yard sale a few years ago. I painted the frame, took out the print that was in the frame, and had a mirror made to fit. It probably cost about $15 total.

I bought this tree print with the matting at Ikea on clearance for $5 and I framed it with a frame I already had that I painted black. I really like how it came out!

I bought 2 lamps at Goodwill for $4 and replaced the very ugly brass finish with a dark brown finish using….can you guess?? Spray paint! And I got the lampshades on sale at the Pottery Barn outlet for $15 each. It was a little splurge for me, but I really like them!
I hope you enjoyed the tour! I’m never completely satisfied with my projects, so I’m still working on the room, but I like it so much better than before! I wanted it to feel peaceful and calm, and it really does feel that way to me.

January 25, 2008 — Aimee Weaver