I’ve been tagged by Chris at Just Beachy. The game is to come up with a little unknown thing for each letter of your middle name.

My middle name is Sue, so this should be short & sweet.:)

S is for SHORTS. Ack! I don’t wear them EVER! Well, unless I’m mowing the yard, but other than that, I feel that people just don’t need to see that much my unflattering legs. Now a skirt, that’s another story…

U is for…wow, this is a hard one…URANIUM. Ha, ha, just kidding! Um, I really can’t think of a thing interesting to say, really.

E is for EXHAUSTED. This is how I felt earlier this week when my baby was sick. She got Roseola, which means she had a high fever for 3 days, then got spots all over her skin. Throw a little teething in the mixture and it adds up to many sleepless nights and a very fussy little girl. But somehow we survived! Doesn’t it always work out that way?

September 07, 2007 — Aimee Weaver