May 18, 2016

Our weather this spring has had a serious identity crisis. Is it spring or is it still winter? 

I thought I'd share some photos of the outside of our property today. We moved in last October and have been doing so much work to it! There is still SO MUCH to do, but we are crossing lots of things off our to-do list slowly but surely.

The next major project for me will be painting the outside of the house. And adding a lot of landscaping, which is pretty much non-existent right now.

There is a mini-greenhouse in the backyard that I fell in love with. I'm going to paint it white and hang a chandelier inside because of course. I dream of hosting dinner parties in it. And, maybe growing some flowers as well.

The peaches are starting to form! It is so exciting watching them grow! We have about 30 peach trees on the property. Along with apple and pear trees and raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.

I have a bunch of flowers that I need to plant. It's been incredibly rainy lately, so I haven't had a chance yet.

Our front yard...

We moved out into the country about 30 minutes away from most of our friends and family, which can be hard, but we are falling hard for the rolling hills and the peaceful setting. We love our little farm!

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