I was listening to an episode of the Nestled Podcast, and their guest was Wynne Elder who is an adoptive mama and such a great encourager. She was talking about how she and her husband are intentional about creating mission statements for their family, and it got me thinking.

Mission statement sign

I was so inspired by her words about intentionality, so I contacted her to see if I could create a mission statement sign for her family. And these signs are now available for you to order as well here! You can personalize it with your family's own unique words that will be a reminder of your priorities and values.

mission statement sign

If you need some help creating your own family mission statement, this blog post on The Art of Simple website is an excellent resource. Definitely check it out! 

Click here to order your own family mission statement sign!

July 11, 2018 — Aimee Weaver