This year for Christmas we decided to make a bed for our oldest daughter Avery. She had been sharing a bed with her little sister, and it was time for her to have her own little space. Their bedroom is a fairly big size, and we had room to add a twin-sized bed in there. I decided to make the space boho-inspired and a bit more grown up than it was before. 

We made the bed out of reclaimed wood, basically just making a box out of the wood for the mattress to set on. We bought a hybrid mattress (includes a spring inside the mattress) from Amazon here. And the bedding is from Beddy's, which I love. It's a comforter and sheet set all-in-one and zips around the sides kind of like a sleeping bag. It keeps the bed looking so much neater than using regular blankets and sheets. I highly recommend it!


The macrame plant hanger was actually made by my mom back in the 70's! She held onto it for all these years. I wanted to use it as a shelf, so we put a round piece of wood inside it, and we use it for books.

The sign is available in our shop here.



Bedding: Beddy's

Sign: Our shop

Mattress: Amazon

Pillow cases on back of bed: Target

Square throw pillow: Pottery Barn Outlet

Rectangle throw pillow: HomeGoods

Throw blanket: Walmart

Lamp on side table: At Home

Side table: thrifted

XOXO letters: Michael's

Curtains: IKEA

January 11, 2019 — Aimee Weaver