Confession: We have had our couches for 12 years and I am so over them, but they have held up so well, and we don't have a good reason for replacing them, other than the fact that I am so over them. So. I am doing my best to be happy with them and all their brown-ness for now. 

I was trying to think of ways to hide the fact that the bottom cushions are starting to look a bit worn. So I ordered a throw blanket in the perfect size from Amazon and laid it over the bottom cushions, and it hides those worn spots just fine. I also have lots of fun, textured pillows I've collected over time that draw the attention away from the brown couch and lighten it up.


Spring family room

Spring family room

How to spruce up an old couch

I look for throws and pillows with:

:: interesting texture

:: different sizes

:: neutral colors that play well together

:: subtle patterns

Here are some of my favorite affordable pillows and throws that will help spruce up your space too:

Throw blanket                   throw blanket                   throw blanket

throw blanket                      throw blanket                                  throw blanket

throw pillow                      throw pillow                            throw pillow

How to spruce up an old couch

How to spruce up an old couch

Want more ideas to freshen up your family room? Check out my Pinterest board!

March 12, 2018 — Aimee Weaver