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Just in time for Mother's Day, I have a great gift idea that is easy to make and fun to put together. I'm obsessed with plants of any kind right now, and I love working with succulents. They are so easy to grow, inexpensive, and low maintenance. 



Here are the basic steps to create a terrarium. You could add more layers if you'd like, but I decided to keep it simple. Everything is available at Michael's or your local craft store except the succulents (unless you want to use artificial ones).

Here's what you need:

:: A glass container

:: assorted small rocks

:: sand

:: potting soil

:: moss

:: pieces of bark mulch (we have bark mulch on the floor of our greenhouse, so that's what I used)

:: succulents (I used three mini ones from my local greenhouse)


Step one: Put rocks into the bottom of the container.


Step two: pour sand over rocks


Step three: pour potting soil over sand


Step four: place succulents inside container, pushing them down inside the soil. Then arrange moss around the succulents and place some bark mulch on top of the moss.



And that's it! Place the succulents in a sunny spot and water about once a week. They can withstand neglect (my favorite kind of plant) and don't need a lot of watering. I love adding real plants to a space, and this is a creative way to do it.

Not sure what to get your mom for Mother's Day? This is a unique gift that she will love!




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Linda Pulizzi
Linda Pulizzi

May 12, 2017

Loved your Terrarium gift idea! A great gift for any reason!


May 05, 2017

Thanks Amy for the succulent recipe. I will be doing this as I love succulents. You have a very blessed summer. Rita

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