May 26, 2017

School is coming to a close soon (next week), and our schedules have been so busy lately. Why is it that May is always so FULL?? Field trips, special school parties, baseball games and practices. I'm trying to keep track of everything, but it's not easy! I'm looking forward to a slower pace for the summer, but I am a little bit nervous about the schedule change and juggling kiddos and work in a healthy way. But I'm determined to do my best and keep my expectations in check. Any advice??

Here are a few things that have caught my eye this week...


:: I have been enjoying listening to Tsh Oxenreider's podcast The Simple Show. Lately she's had a lot of episodes about traveling with kids, and it's given me the itch to try traveling more with our kids. We really haven't taken too many trips, but the kids are getting older and it would be easier now. 

:: I'm obsessed with this photo shoot that Char Co., a local photography studio, did for my friend Jen who owns a boutique called Main Street Exchange. Jen's store offers stylish, modest clothing at very affordable prices. If you are local, you need to check it out! Their address is 4312 Division Hwy, Blue Ball, Pa. They also ship their products so check out the website as well.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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