I thought it might be fun to share some pics of the trip we took to Europe for our 5th Anniversary (3 years ago). It was an amazing trip – we were blown away by the sights and experiences we had! So, so much fun! We scrimped our savings for a few years and even […]
August 23, 2007 — Aimee Weaver


I’ve been tagged to post 8 things you might not know about me. Huh, where to begin?? 1. I’m an “all or nothing” type of girl. If I know I’m not good at something, I will not even bother to touch it. However, if it’s something I like, I go into it full force, headlong, […]
August 18, 2007 — Aimee Weaver


I thought a lot about color when we bought our house. I wanted our wall colors to reflect the house and it’s character. Our house is a 1920’s American Colonial, so I chose colors that were sort of historical and looked like they belonged. And I’m really happy with how they turned out. The pictures […]
August 12, 2007 — Aimee Weaver


This week I decided to organize my linen closet. As you can see, it’s an old built-in closet, but it works great for storing things! It was a mess, though. Really. Especially the sheets…fitted sheets are such a pain to fold, aren’t they? I can’t seem to master the Martha Stewart technique. Anyway, it was […]
August 09, 2007 — Aimee Weaver

The dress is here!

UPS just dropped off Avery’s flower girl dress and it’s perfect! Now I just need to figure out shoes and hair…
August 09, 2007 — Aimee Weaver

Flower girl

My baby’s going to be a flower girl! And she’s too little to be excited about it so I’ll just be excited for her! She’s going to be in my brother’s wedding in September, along with my 3 year old niece Anna. Here’s the dress… So I’m already starting to have nightmares about this whole […]
August 03, 2007 — Aimee Weaver

Scrapbook pages…

I thought I’d share some pages from the scrapbook of Avery that I’m working on. Of course, it’s been a while since I’ve worked on it…there are just too many other things to do in the summer time! I really love scrapbooking when I’m in the groove and have lots of ideas – I hate […]
August 03, 2007 — Aimee Weaver

Biggest mistakes that wedding guests make

In the course of wedding planning, you may know the ins and outs of wedding etiquette, but some of your friends and family may not be aware of what’s acceptable. What can you do? Be proactive. Here’s how. 1. Not Sending RSVPs What they did: Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding knows the importance of […]
July 26, 2007 — Aimee Weaver


Photography always inspires me. I wish I had a better photographic eye, but I admire those who do! Here’s a website that always provides inspiration. I love kitchens! I thoroughly enjoyed designing our new kitchen and dream of someday doing another one! Here are some inspirations… Nothing says summertime like a comfy summer dress…(this one’s […]
July 14, 2007 — Aimee Weaver

By Aimee Weaver on 2007-07-09

Perfection…I am loving this chair I picked up at a yard sale this weekend. Love the blue, peeling paint, love the orange seat, who says being imperfect isn’t perfection sometimes?!
July 08, 2007 — Aimee Weaver


We spent the weekend doing a quick little tour of Boston and some small towns north of the city. It was a gorgeous weekend and so fun to see genuine New England homes and towns!
June 28, 2007 — Aimee Weaver

Beautiful Colorado

We just got back from a week-long trip to the western slope of the Rockies in Colorado – what a great time of year to be there! We visited friends and some family (my brother, his wife and 2 kids) and did some sightseeing. We traveled around Cimarron, Montrose, Ouray, Delta, and the Grand Mesa. […]
June 18, 2007 — Aimee Weaver