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As an employer, you want to make sure your employees feel recognized and valued for the work they do. Gifts are a great way to do this.  

You want to give your employees gifts they will use and love. But there is a problem - it is so hard to know what to get them! 

We understand how hard it is to find good employee appreciation gifts. Every employer experiences this struggle, including us.  

To give you some guidance, we put together a collection of employee thank you gifts and employee Christmas gifts to help you pick out gifts recipients will love! 

Are you ready to make your employees feel appreciated and valued? 

Take a look at this collection of employee gifts today! 

Items In Our Collection Of Employee Appreciation Gifts 

Any of the items in this collection of employee thank you gifts could make a meaningful and thoughtful gift!

Here are a few of our favorite employee gifts if you need suggestions: 

  • Custom Wood Signs - Get this sign customized with personal wording! It’s a great way to put some real thought into an employee gift. 
  • Hand soap - Need a small, consumable gift? Hand soap is a great choice. 
  • Candles - Another perfect consumable employee thank you gift, candles are useful to anyone! 
  • Memo Pad Clipboard Holder - Help your employees organize their tasks and lives with this attractive clipboard. 
  • Canvas Wall Hangings - Look through our selection of canvas wall hangings to find the one that best fits each employee. 
  • Silver Bells Christmas Sign - Need employee Christmas gifts? This customizable sign is an excellent choice! 
  • Gift Cards - Still not sure what to get? You can’t go wrong with a gift card! 

Your employees will feel valued when you give them a thoughtful and meaningful gift like the ones in this collection of employee thank you gifts! And when your employees feel valued it gives them extra energy and motivation to continue doing great work. 

A note to employees: These items would also make awesome employer gifts. Employers like to feel appreciated too! 

Employee Appreciation Gifts From Reclaimed Materials 

It’s so exciting to create beauty from old castaways! 

That is why we reclaim most of the wood for the items in this collection of employee Christmas gifts from old barns around the Lancaster area. We get so giddy to use this old wood to make new treasures! 

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Customer Reviews 

Want to know whether or not others love our employee appreciation gifts, and other items? 

Here are some reviews from past clients:  

"I ordered "As for me, I will always have hope." on the antique red barn door wood.  I have to tell you that when I unpacked it, I was beyond awestruck.  It is absolutely gorgeous and the scripture is very, very meaningful to me.  Also, my husband & I both adore and appreciate old barns.  We will treasure this piece forever. Guests who visit all comment on it and many want it for themselves!" - Lori, Brentwood, CA

"I Just wanted to let you know that I received my sign today, and it is fabulous!  I love it!  Thank you so much!  I really appreciate you putting your time, talent, and effort into making such a unique, personalized piece of art." - Kelly, Chesapeake Beach, MD

"I received my order today. It is beautiful and exactly as represented on your site! Just wanted to say thank you. I will be bragging to everyone about where I got it and referring business to you. Thanks, from a very satisfied customer." - Anita, Jacksonville, FL

Make your employees feel valued and appreciated with these employee appreciation gifts! Check out the collection of employee and employer gifts today!