Add personal beauty and style to your home with a handwritten wooden sign!

Are you tired of cheap, meaningless home decor? 

It’s so easy to fill your home with generic decor anyone could pick up at the store. This Walmart-style decor fills the space but has no meaning or depth.   

Are you tired of that fluff? 

At Aimee Weaver Design, we understand that you want your decor to be meaningful to you, not just something you picked up at the store.

That is why our goal is to create not just decor but personalized art

We delight in making each piece unique and one of a kind. Instead of being generic, our home decor is personal, and has some depth and character to it. 

Would you like to fill your house with art instead of cheap decorations? 

Check out our collections of handwritten wood signs today! 

Looking for a Personalized Handwritten Sign? 

One of our most meaningful signs is our Handwriting Memory sign. This sign is highly personalized, and no two will ever look alike. 

The idea for this handwriting sign is to copy the unique handwriting of a loved one and make it into a sign. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. You send us a photo of the desired handwritten words. 
  2. We copy the unique handwriting onto a sign of your specifications.
  3. We send you your original handwritten wood sign!  

With this handwritten wood sign, you can keep your loved ones close to you, or remember a deceased loved one! 

You could choose a phrase from a letter, an old journal, or just ask a loved one to pen the words you want.  

Whatever you choose, this unique, personal, handwritten wood sign is sure to add personality and character to your walls! 

Handwritten Signs Made From Reclaimed Wood

As a business, we get excited to create beautiful artwork from old castaways. 

That is why we make all our handwritten signs from reclaimed barn wood we find in old barns in the Lancaster area. 

This means every handwritten wood sign is unique! 

We love incorporating interesting elements like rusty hinges and original nails into our art. All the little imperfections add to the personality and character of a piece! 

Each handwriting sign is also hand-painted by our team of skilled artists. 

View Our Other Sign Collections

If you're not looking for a Scripture sign, then browse one of our other collections:

Here is what some of our clients are saying about our handwriting signs and other artwork: 

"I just received the family sign and it is even more beautiful than I imagined!  You are so talented.  You should be totally and utterly proud of your talents and yourself!  You have a true gift.  I will look at this sign every single day with a smile on my face and so of course will my family."

"Words cannot say how much I LOVE my wood artwork from you!  From the presentation on the outside of the package, to the personal letter, to the meticulous packing of the piece of art. You are truly amazing at what you do!  I loved opening the package and smelling the real wood and the artwork piece is beautiful!  I cannot wait to add it to my home's decor!  Thank you does not say enough!"

"We just wanted you to know, we received it and love it! It is beautiful and will look great in our farm house. You did an awesome job!"

"I just received our handmade sign yesterday and our family absolutely LOVE it!  In fact, I can’t wait to order another for another spot in my home.  Thank you for your beautiful work!  It will be a family treasure!"

Don’t just fill your space with generic, meaningless decor - fill it with art! 

Check out our handwriting memory signs today!