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Giving hostess gifts can get stressful and sticky, right? 

You want to give your hosts the best hostess gift possible. But you may not know the hosts well and it’s hard to know what to get. 

We get it! Of course, you want to show your appreciation with a thoughtful hostess gift - but finding and choosing good ones is so tough! 

Thankfully, we are able to help. We put together a collection of our best hostess gifts so you can pick out a gift your hosts are sure to love. 

Stop stressing about hostess gifts and start giving thoughtful gifts your host and hostess will actually use! 

Items In Our Hostess Gift Collection 

Want some recommendations? 

Here are a few of our favorite inexpensive hostess gifts: 

  • Hand Soap - The classic hostess gift! We several different types of hand soap that come in attractive bottles. 
  • Decorative Jar Matches - Pair these matches and their cute jar with a candle to make the perfect combination. 
  • Candles, candles, candles - Another one of the best hostess gifts of all time, candles are the perfect consumable option. We’ve got lots of different scents so you can choose the perfect one!
  • Wood Riser Stands - These riser stands are versatile and classy. They could be used for plants, candles, other decor, or even food. 
  • Wood Soap Stands - Another versatile hostess gift, you could pair these wood soap stands with soap or candles for a great combination gift! 
  • Memo Pad Clipboard Holder - Your hosts will love using this classy clipboard in their kitchen, mudroom, or office. 

These hostess gifts will not make your host and hostess groan - rather, they are practical, useful, and attractive. 

You can always pair up items in this collection (such as candles with matches or soap with a soap stand) to make your gift even better!

BONUS - Here is a tip for giving the best hostess gifts: Consumable hostess gifts are always a win! If you give something like hand soap or a candle, then even if your hosts don’t happen to like it they can just use it up and they won’t be stuck with it forever. 

Hostess Gifts Made From Reclaimed Materials 

At Aimee Weaver Design, we make it a mission to create beauty from “trash.”

That is why most of the wood in our inexpensive hostess gifts are made from reclaimed barn wood we find in old barns around Lancaster. We incorporate any “flaws” we find into our artwork, making each piece unique and original. 

We hope that makes you as excited as it makes us! 

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Customer Reviews 

Want to know what other customers are saying about the items in our collection of inexpensive hostess gifts? 

Here is what our clients are saying about our inexpensive hostess gifts and other products: 

"We got our design and we LOVE it! Thank you so much, can't wait to order more soon! God Bless!" - Jaclyn, Tampa, FL

"Absolutely love my new, most beautiful signs!!! Thank you so much, you are a blessing!!!" - Michelle, Sterling Heights, MI

"I just received the two pieces you made for my house and they are GORGEOUS!!!! You are so talented! Thank you!" - Krissi, Edmond, OK

"We got our BEAUTIFUL art pieces and they are hanging above our bed! They match our room wonderfully and we want to thank you for your gorgeous work!" - Victoria, Pasadena, TX

"I just wanted to let you know that my sign arrived yesterday and I cannot be happier!  It’s AMAZING and I just wanted to thank you again for making it such a special addition to my home!" - Sara, Pendleton, SC

"You could not have done a better job with the artwork for William's nursery. I am in love!  It was hung yesterday and is just perfect." - Elizabeth, Mayesville, SC

Stop stressing about hostess gifts and start giving gifts your hosts will love! 

Check our collection of our best hostess gifts today!