On Saturday we moved into our new house! Moving has been SO MUCH WORK, and we’ve had so many mixed emotions about it. A lot of people asked why we moved out of the house that we loved and spent so much time renovating, so I thought I’d explain it today.

The biggest reason was because of our business. On our previous property, hubs (who works with me on our business full time) was operating out of a tiny detached one car garage. Aimee Weaver DesignsHe is a super organized guy, so he used every square inch of the garage, but it was ridiculously small. On the days that he needed to do our packaging and shipping, he would move everything into the studio to work so that he’d have more space. Our system worked but wasn’t very efficient. We wanted to have space for our business to grow and develop.

The second big reason for moving was that we really desired for our kids to grow up on a property where they could spend more of their time outside. We wanted a bigger property, more privacy, and a slower pace of life. And we definitely found it at our new property.IMG_1921

And another reason we decided to move was because we felt ready and excited to dive into another big renovation project! Here were some of our criteria when we started house hunting:

-at least an acre of property

-A large shop/barn or the space and potential to have one built

-an old but larger kitchen that would need to be completely re-done

-a studio space attached to the house

-a place where we could have a horse someday

-lots of privacy and a nice view

When we found our new house, we were blown away by how much it fit what we were looking for. Except for the location, it was a really great fit for us.

Like I said, we’ve had a lot of mixed emotions about the move. Our new house is 30 minutes to an hour from most of our friends and family and is in a totally new area to us. We had amazing neighbors that are our kids’ best friends, and we lived five minutes from my parents. We LOVED our house. If we could have taken our house with us, we would have. It was very hard to leave.

There are a lot of pros and cons about our new property, but we are excited to start our new life here! I’ll share more details about the new property soon! In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram to see more photos of the new house.IMG_1928

(I made the sign (above) to help me keep things in perspective when things gets hard!)

October 12, 2015 — Aimee Weaver