Happy 2015 friends! I thought it might be fun to do a little “year in review” for my business this week. We are so thankful for an amazing year!! It hasn’t been easy or without a huge amount of work, but it has been so worth it! The studio is in a lot of ways a sanctuary for me. It’s a place where I can let my creativity take over, and it truly does not feel like work.

Aimee Weaver Blog Year in review1

Here are some stats from 2014:

  • We made over 1,500 signs, which means we worked our tails off.
  • We shipped signs to every state in the US, as well as Canada, Europe and Australia.
  • The most popular state we shipped to was Texas (I LOVE my Texan customers!) followed by California and Florida.

Our most popular sign for 2014 was the “Blessing” sign.

PicMonkey Collage

Followed by the “You will forever” and “Give me Jesus” signs:

PicMonkey Collage

We scratch our heads at the success of our business this past year. We know that it is all God’s doing, and we are privileged to be a part of it. It’s not because we are so talented or business-savvy or anything like that. Any success that we’ve had is because of Him, and we want Him to use us wherever He sees fit. He could take it away from us, and we hold our business with an open hand.

Something that has been cool for me is that when I create signs with Bible verses, the verses get etched in my mind without me even trying to memorize them. In the past few months I’ve had some battles with anxiety and during those times, I repeated these verses over and over in my mind:

sign the steadfast love1

His mercies are new every morning. Even in the times when I feel overwhelmed with my responsibilities, it is a reminder that we start each day fresh, and He gives us another chance to make the right choices and accept His grace when we fail.

The thing you may not know about my business is that I don’t do this alone. Not by a long shot. My husband works with me full-time, and I have a team of seven talented friends who help me with the painting part of things. I would be completely overwhelmed if it weren’t for their help.

THANK YOU for reading, for following my journey, for caring about me and my artwork. Are there any questions that you would like to have answered? Leave me a comment and on Thursday I’ll do a Q & A blog post!

January 06, 2015 — Aimee Weaver