Hello brand new week!
Hello spending the weekend in the mountains with husband’s side of the family.
Hello playing in the creek ALL DAY LONG. What is it about water that kids can’t get enough of? I think we need one in our back yard.
Hello four-wheeler rides from cousins.
Hello grown men turning every single thing into a competition. Are the men in your family like this? Husband and his brothers and nephews are the most competitive guys alive, I think. And it’s kinda fun to watch.

Hello playing so hard that you can’t stay awake for supper.
Hello DIRTY kids.
Hello nature that is slowly realizing it is Springtime.

Hello leaving the cabin early because the two littles got a stomach bug. Yuck.
Hello massive amounts of laundry today.
Hello listening to the kids playing/competing/fighting/making up/playing….you get the idea.
Hello NEW DAY. He is RISEN!!
I’m saying “Hello” with Lisa Leonard today.

April 01, 2013 — Aimee Weaver