This morning our local news station WGAL Channel 8 aired an interview that they did with me last week.
I could hardly stand to watch myself. It was like slowly being tortured. For real. I don’t know how TV news people do it. So if my voice sounds squeeky or my hair looks weird, I am sorry.

The reporter, Anne Shannon, has been a long-time blog reader of mine and asked if she could feature my blog and business on a segment about “out of the box” businesses that were started from technology. Anne is just the sweetest thing, and we had so much fun gabbing about all the things we have in common.
They were at my house for about 2 1/2 hours, and I learned that it takes a lot of work to make a tv segment that’s only two and a half minutes long!

The kids got in on the action too. Jack was fascinated with the big camera. Thankfully, there were no major tantrums or tears caught on tape, but that was probably because their Grammy was taking care of them and let them eat as many cookies as they wanted.
Thank you Anne for featuring my little old self!

November 09, 2012 — Aimee Weaver