Recently a friend asked me what I’m going to do when I’m finished decorating my house.
Finished decorating???
There is no such thing in my house. Much to my husband’s dismay. I’m constantly changing things, moving furniture around, painting floors, making pillows, getting another hairbrained idea…I think I may have an addiction.
I was just puttering around our bedroom and changed some things around. Here is what it looks like at the moment (but it could change soon, so don’t get too used to it!). HA.
Like I said before, our bed isn’t really my favorite style, but I try to incorporate other things into the room to make it more “me”.
Like this old white bedside table that I found at a barn sale for $5.

Furniture does not need to be matchy-matchy all the time. I like mixing up funiture finishes, because it makes a room look less “boring model home” and more “cozy, lived in, and INTERESTING”.
So, for now I have white, painted bedside tables next to my cherry wood bed.
And here is a gallery wall that I just arranged in the bedroom.
I’m so bad when it comes to planning ahead and measuring. When I put together a wall like this, I collect all the things I want to hang, then I just start hammering nails into the wall and hanging stuff until it looks right.
Sometimes there are many nail holes after I’m done, but it doesn’t bother me. I can always fill the holes later if I want. Not a big deal!

The picture frames came from the dollar store. I painted them white, distressed them with sandpaper, then added graphics that I found at the Graphics Fairy.

Everything else came from Goodwill – the hanging wood bowl (I painted it white), the little white pitcher, and the glass vase. The candle holders are glass jelly jars that I wrapped with a little bit of twine. The glass vase holds sand and sea shells.

And just because I don’t think I’ve shown this before, here is the upstairs hallway. The door leads into Violet’s nursery.

And here is the built-in linen closet in the hallway. Built-ins are a perk of living in an older house!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour!

June 13, 2011 — Aimee Weaver