Cuz I like to make lists

January 24, 2011

*lukewarm showers.
*speedos, on anyone, no matter what size they are.
*walking into forever 21 and feeling like all the teeny-boppers are staring at me going “she is WAY to old to be in here”.
*sharing one bathroom with a husband and three little kids. it means that I never get to shower in peace. like ever. i know, such a hard life.
*hearing a mom curse out her little kids in the middle of Walmart. and, no, it wasn’t me. very funny.
*finding hairs in your hotel shower. eeeeew.
*dwight. the office. enough said.
*dirty floors. i have an unhealthy obsession for keeping my floors clean. if i were rich, i would hire someone to clean my floors 24 hrs. a day. i’m totally serious.
*unfinished house projects. drives me IN-SANE. i can’t handle it. just ask hubs.
*words like moist and retch and puss and fester and snot and chunky and plop.
okay, enough of my dumb ramblings. you can go on with your life now…
**by the way, no, i don’t think my son in the picture is cringe-worthy. i just added the pic because i felt like it and he makes me smile.:)

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