I am such a weirdo. No really, I am. And let me give you a couple of reasons, in case you are interested.

I hate romantic comedies. I know, I’m a girl and a girly-girl at that and should LOVE them, but I just really do. not. They usually bore me to death. Of course, there are exceptions. “You’ve Got Mail” (makes me LOVE New York!) and anything by Audrey Hepburn. I prefer suspense, thrillers, but that’s just me.

***Sidenote: I just took Jack’s pants off to change his diaper and was rewarded with a handful of poop. Nice. That doesn’t make me weird, but it did totally gross. me. out!!

On my Christmas wish list this year I had a staple gun, a sander, and a camera tripod. Is that weird? I think I should have been a boy…who is a carpenter. Don’t worry, I did get some of the girly-est stuff in the world for Christmas – in addition to a sander that I am just thrilled about!

I often set aside a day (or seven – ahem!) a week and designate it as my “project day”. It’s the day where I pretty much just paint everything in sight. And redecorate everything in sight.

It’s the day when my kids hide in their rooms for fear of being spray painted. They see mama coming with a can of spray paint and a hammer and they run. Poor little dears.

So yesterday and today were my “project days” and I worked on making this sign for our foyer:

I was inspired to make it because of this sign on The Lettered Cottage blog.

I made it with scrap wood from our garage that the hubs cut to size. The eye bolts and chain that hold the smaller sign were silver, and I made them black with a marker, because I’m just such a professional painter. Ha!

I redecorated my hallway a bit – inspired by Lola B’s adorable Frenchy farmhouse!

Sometimes I’m afraid that people who read my blog get the wrong impression of who I really am and what my personality really is. Blogging is weird like that. You don’t really *know* a person unless you spend face-to-face time together, which I don’t always get the opportunity to do with you.

Oh, well, hopefully you will think that I am way cuter, more funny, smarter, and waaaay more talented than I actually am!! I won’t try to change your mind!

Have a Happy New Year! And thanks for reading this little ol blog!

December 29, 2009 — Aimee Weaver