As I was getting ready for my weekly “spa night” (this is a gross overstatement, btw), I was thinking about all the “little happys” in my life right now. And I’m sure you have many, too. Things that just bring you little bits of joy throughout your day and week.

So I made a list:

1. As I was saying, I’ve been giving myself a little “spa night” about once a week. It’s not nearly as fancy as it sounds. Basically, I just have about 45 minutes to spend in the bathroom with no interruptions. Which is sometimes unrealistic considering we only have one bathroom in our whole house. But I try.

I turn on some music, take a looong hot shower, slather on lotion (Bath & Body Works Sparkling Peach is a favorite right now), put on some foot cream, do my hair and nails.
I know, it’s nothing fancy, but it makes me happy!

By the way, I do take a shower more than once a week. Just sayin’.

2. Hubs has been giving me foot rubs and puts my socks on for me because of the basketball-shaped belly that I have right now that prevents me from putting them on easily myself. Love him!

3. Being able to go to the store of all stores, Goodwill, by myself (no distractions!) and picking up fun and cheap stuff that I love.
I’m telling ya, it’s just such a thrill.

4. Putting baby girl to bed for a nap in the afternoon. A quiet house is like a mini-vacation during the day. And a half hour power nap has been working to perk me up and give me the extra energy that I really crave right now.

Oh, and also getting my goodnight “Na-night, seep tight, luh-you, muwah!” from Avery every night always puts a smile on my face!

5. Getting a warm hug from a friend who really loves you. Faults and all.

6. Opening up a brand new crinkly home decor magazine like Country Living or Cottage Living or Better Homes & Gardens. Ah, let the dreaming begin!

7. Anticipating the arrival of our little boy in about a month! Despite all the discomforts of pregnancy, I still can’t believe that there is a precious little baby growing inside me! It’s a miraculous thing.

8. This blog has been eye candy for me in the past few weeks.

Read it if you need some decorating inspiration!

9. Starting to decorate the house for Christmas. Hubs thinks I shouldn’t bother, since a new baby is going to keep me busy enough, but, c’mon! I just can’t help myself!

10. And last, but not least, all my Christmas shopping is DONE and the gifts are all WRAPPED!! Considering that I am a bit of a procrastinator, this is a huge accomplishment! Wahooo!

What are some of your happys?

December 09, 2008 — Aimee Weaver