Last weekend my husband was cleaning out our garage and I happened to glance into the trailer to see what he was taking to the dumpster and I was horrified at what I saw!!

He was going to throw away this wooden container!

Couldn’t you just picture it filled with flowers and setting on a lovely country patio??

And these pillars!Ok, you may think I’m a little nuts for wanting to keep them, but I think they would make a really cute entrance for a garden or even used inside the house.

After I *confronted* hubs about these items, he sheepishly admitted that he thought I wouldn’t let him throw them away, but in his neat-freak-ness, he just wanted to get rid of stuff! The nerve!

Needless to say, all of these items are once again back in the garage.

Oh, and I just had to show you a yard sale find from earlier this year. It was a $5 coffee table that was stained dark green and I painted it black and distressed it.

My old Target coffee table was, in my sister’s words, looking pretty ugly (it survived quite a number of years and was pretty beat-up…and my sister is not afraid to be totally and brutally honest with me…typical sister), so I’m really glad I found this one at such a great bargain!

June 28, 2008 — Aimee Weaver